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Meet our Team of Counsellors

Finding the right fit with a counsellor can make a huge difference in your counselling experience. Each of us are passionate, warm counsellors who are highly skilled in the areas we practice. Feel free to read our bios and get a better sense of who we each are. 

Maple Ridge Counselling

Natalie Dressler, MA, CCC, Certified IFS Therapist

Over the last decade as a counsellor, I have had the privilege to come alongside many people who are hurting, feeling stuck, and struggling with their mental health. My hope and desire is to create a safe, grounded place where people can transform the relationship they have with themselves and others. 

I specialize in working with individuals struggling with anxiety, trauma, dissociation, chronic pain, body image, and self-esteem challenges...


Maple Ridge Counsellor

Chris Ickert, MA, CCC, Neurofeedback Practitioner, EMDR Therapist

Every individual has experienced life challenges and adversity. Sometimes, life can feel out of our control. My desire is to “sit” with clients in their suffering and help them regain a sense of control. I believe in the healing power of a strong and collaborative therapeutic relationship and work to achieve a counselling environment of safety, trust, and nonjudgment.

I conceptualize mental wellness from a biopsychosocial perspective...


Maple Ridge Therapist

Kirsten Boulier, MSW, RCSW, , Attachment-Based EMDR Therapist

As a therapist I see my role as helping people to get unstuck from painful patterns that are holding them back from the peace and joy they deserve. I know the prospect of therapy can be daunting, especially for people who find it difficult to trust or be vulnerable. So, we go at a pace that feels ok for you; I endeavour to be warm, respectful, collaborative, sensitive and caring in my practice.

Since each client is unique, we will work together to create a path that feels like a good fit for you....

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