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When I first met Natalie I was in a very dark lonely place. The first question she asked actually changed my whole world. She is very soft spoken and very inviting to talk and open up to. I was able to share my darkest places and in turn she helped me help me in healing. She never once told me what to do or made me feel crazy. She met me where I was at. I was suicidal, I was doing self harm, my wife was having an affair. With the help of Natalie and Gods love for me, I have a love for my self and am able to express my self in a healthy way. I also now can use my past to help counsel people that are hurting. Her counseling was the best thing I have ever invested into my self.  

- J.S.

I am a 60 year old established professional.  In this new chapter of my life, I found myself needing some guidance in finding clarity within.  Natalie was able to easily draw the issues out, provide valuable visual tools with focus, understanding, respect and compassion.   Although my frequency in requiring assistance may not be the same need as others, I will continue our partnership in “understanding” for awhile yet.

I would and have recommended Natalie to others.  It believe that she is well suited to her chosen profession.  Thank you Natalie

- K.B.

Natalie Dressler is a gifted trauma therapist who has worked with some of the most complex cases that face clinicians in this field... Her natural empathy and gentleness will be a relief for many.  I recommend her as a therapist, without reservation.

- Richard A. Bradshaw, PhD RPsych

"You have a gift. A gift of empathy and of knowing what's going on inside, before I'm even there."



*Client names are kept private for confidentiality purposes.

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