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Virtual Counselling


Does the idea of seeing a counsellor from the comfort of your home appeal to you? Maybe you prefer the idea of seeing a counsellor virtually given the current pandemic. Other people may find that virtual counselling is more accessible given their busy schedules and travelling restraints.

We are happy to have confidential video and phone counselling available to you, no matter what your reason for choosing this option is.

Who is Video and Phone Counselling Suitable for?

  • Anyone wishing to access counselling services, but wanting to social distance  

  • People who have a hard time leaving their home due to mobility issues or concerns with anxiety.

  • Anyone living in a remote area who cannot make it to an in-person counselling session in Maple Ridge, BC.

  • Those who want to gain more insight into their problem, build skills to work through their issues, and gain emotional resilience towards future life problems.

  • Anyone who has plans to attend an in-person counselling session, but can't make it due to sickness. 

Policies for Video and Phone Counselling

Payment for phone/video counselling must be made at the time of your appointment. Please go to the Fees Page to access payment instructions.

All standard cancellation fees and policies apply.


An informed consent must also be signed, filled out, and sent back before sessions can proceed. This can be accessed on the Forms Page.


All sessions are 50 minutes long and scheduled in Pacific Standard Time. At the time of our appointment we will call you with the number you have provided us with on your intake form.


Services are only offered to individuals residing in Canada.



If you are ready for change, or even curious about change, please call -604-454-4516 - or email to find out more information or to book an appointment. 

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