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Covid-19 Policy for in Person Counselling
Revive Counselling & Neurofeedback

At Revive Counselling, we understand your safety is of the upmost importance. We are happy to be offering in person counselling services to those who desire this service, and will also continue to offer virtual counselling for those who prefer this option. In accordance with WorkSafe BC’s current guidelines for counsellors, we have the current policies in place:


Our Safety Precautions


If any therapist at Revive has any signs of sickness, we will contact you to reschedule your appointment or shift your appointment to a virtual option

  • We will continue to sanitize all high contact areas in the office space each day

  • Our counsellors will open the door to let you in and out of the therapist room to reduce any chance of surface transmission on high contact surfaces

  • We will continue to follow the recommended 6 ft social distancing guideline

  • We will wear a mask in all common areas and with our clients until we are seated. Each counsellor may have a different policy around the continuation of mask wearing once seated- please ask your therapist directly.

  • We do not have any access to high touch areas such as the water/tea station, magazines, and pillows/blankets in order to reduce cross-contamination

  • The building is equipped with upgraded higher filtration level filters and have been adjusted to allow in more fresh air

  • We no longer accept cash or cheque payments and at this time will only be accepting e-transfer payments



Our Client Requirements


  • If you feel unwell with any symptoms of sickness please either reschedule your appointment right away or ask to change your appointment to a virtual option. We still require 24 hours notice to wave any cancellation fee for your appointment, however if it is shifted to an online option no fee will be charged.

  • Use hand sanitizer when entering our office space

  • Please come at the time of your appointment, or a few minutes before.

  • Wear a mask when entering into the waiting room of our office space. We ask for clients to follow the recommended WHO mask guidelines- if you are not fully vaccinated (2 doses) or over the age of 12 it is highly recommended to continue wearing a mask once seated. Please ask your therapist for more specific details on mask policy once seated.

  • Allow our therapists to open and close the therapy room door for you at the start and end of your appointment

  • Ask any loved ones to wait outside the office space during your appointment time. For any parents of children, please wait outside the office area and allow the therapist to bring your child back out to you once their appointment ends (unless you need to accompany your child in the session).

  • Keep a distance of at least 6 ft apart from anyone inside the office

  • Please pay via e-transfer before your session starts. No cheque or cash will be accepted at this time.

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